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Antique Rugs

Precious heirlooms passed through generations.

Antique handmade rugs offer our clients a way to take a journey into the past. Each rug in our collection has been carefully selected to represent the best example from its time. Here at Designer Rugs & Carpet by Peykar, we pride ourselves in our collection and experience in this category. We have a number of outstanding Antique Persian rugs in our showroom for you to choose from. We also trade and collaborate with dealers domestically and internationally. This allows us to have access to thousands of Oriental rugs, European rugs and many more. Our rug restoration specialists work on these beautiful examples to insure long lasting quality for many more years to come.

Antique Persian rugs are a broad category of rugs we specialize in. The authentic Antique Persian rugs come from the region where modern day Iran is now. For many centuries, Persian rugs have been woven in different towns and villages in Persia. Each region has its own distinct style and appeal. For example, rugs from more populated city regions such as Isfahan, Kashan, kerman, Mashad & Tabriz generally use finer, tighter weaving with softer, finer wool and often silk. The pile density of these finer rugs allows the weavers to make more intricate highly detailed curvilinear designs. The villages where Persian rugs come from, Hamedan, Heriz & Serapi, are generally more geometric in style and most often made with thicker wool yarns. Both city and village rugs from Persia are extremely durable and can last over time.

Antique Chinese rugs or Antique Oriental rugs are also featured in our showroom on Long Island. Classic Peking designs and Oriental floral patterns are favored by many interior designers and help set a perfect mood in any room.

We also source European rugs. Most notably, savoneries and aubussons from France. Peykar can also acquire antique tapestry carpets and wall hangings for you.

Antique rugs, like diamonds, are rare and precious. We are ready to help you find the most perfect, precious rug for your space.