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All About Fringes

We had a customer a few months ago who came to our store looking to purchase a tufted rug even though she did not really like their quality or the styles we had available.  I asked her questions about her purchase to try to reveal the reason why she was making this choice.  The reason ended up being because she wanted a rug without fringes.  We had a whole conversation about the things we are particular with in our homes and it became clear that fringes bother her because they never lay straight.  Different personalities have different reactions to fringes, but fortunately for everyone there are always solutions.

Before we get into those solutions it is important to understand the purpose that a rug’s fringes serve.  Fringes are the foundation that a hand knotted rug’s pile is knotted on.  The fringes of a rug go all the way through from one end to the other.  The extra yarn is then finished in different ways.  Sometimes it is knotted, others it is braided.  The lengths also vary, particularly for vintage or antique replica rugs that frequently have shorter fringes.  There is currently a new trend that is coming about in fringes where they are also available in colors that match the colors in the rug.  This is freshening up the option of having fringes on your rug and making them more appealing to a broader group of customers.  A few examples of different styles of fringes are depicted below.

There are things that can be done with fringes on your hand knotted rug to either make them lay flat or remove them entirely.  The video below shows you how to straighten out the fringes on your rug in two easy steps.  This is easy to do and can be done by anyone at home.

If you find your issue is caused by the length, rug stores like ours with repair services can trim them for you, and for those customers who just cannot stand having fringes in their home we can fold them under or in many cases remove them completely.  We recommend not trimming or cutting them yourself as it can cause damage to the rug and may cause it to begin to unravel.  It is better to trust the professionals to ensure that your investment is protected.  Contact Peykar Rugs today to discuss your options of what can be done on your rugs today!