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The Process of Designing and Installing Custom Stair Runners

We are known at Peykar for our beautiful stair runner jobs that we do for our clients. We can make pretty much anything happen for our customers, no matter how complex the job, we can find a way. An excellent example of this is a job that we recently did for a customer. The stair runner design was completely customized to the needs of the customer and the requirements of the hallway and stairs it was being installed on. All of the details were handled by Peykar, making sure that the final product would come out exactly as envisioned by our customer!

We have taken step by step photos of this job to share the process with you.

Design and Production:

First the customer came to our store to pick out the design and colors that they wanted. Once this happened we went to measure their staircase and hallway. From this templates were made to figure out the exact shapes and sizes of the different pieces of runner that were needed.  These templates were sent to our manufacturers in India with detailed instructions.

Franca Templates 4M Picture

Once these arrived they got straight to work and began production.

Man Sitting         Work In Progress

When they arrived to our store and were inspected by our staff, installation was scheduled.


Stair1 Hall Way

The original green runners on the stairs were removed and the installation process began… Padding was laid on the stairs and then the runner was installed on top of it.

Starir2 Stair3

The Final Product:

Stair4 Stair5 Stair6

We are constantly working with our customers to come up with new and interesting designs, and to create a product that works for even the most complex staircase and hallway.  Stop by our store to discuss the possibilities for your home!