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Flooring vs. Painting First

Hi everyone, we’d like to share with you a story of which a client of ours was looking to get her home carpeted but had difficulty finding a match with the color of paint she chose for her walls. In this story, we’ll explain how equally critical it is to have your flooring selected very early on in your new home or renovation.

We recently had a client who had a lovely home built from scratch for her and her family. For certain circumstances, she needed to move in to her new home within two weeks. After discussions with her contractors, they encouraged her to rapidly move forward with selecting the wall paint. Feeling the pressure and excitement to get it all put together, she hired a designer / paint consult to help her select color options. The designer came to her home with lots of options in paint color chips. After numerous visits and poring over paint chips for hours, she picked one that she liked. Now that the paint was all set, the time has come to pick her flooring and décor. She lands on the decision to have her living room fully carpeted. The client and her designer come to see us in our showroom to select a carpet design, however, they couldn’t seem to find one that matched well with the wall paint selection. She found lots of options of designs and colors that she absolutely loved but she couldn’t find anything to match the color theme she already picked.

Floors are usually what people notice most when they walk into a home or any other type of space. They also usually act as the foundation of the home. Starting your home transformation from the floor and working your way up is ideal. However, often times, homeowners will get started on the wall paint before treatment for their floors. It’s our high recommendation that when a client and the designer are looking to uplift a space, that they start with the flooring. Paints come in all colors and are easily customizable. Nowadays, you can take a swatch of any fabric, carpet or décor to a paint shop and have it matched. However, although you can get custom rugs or carpeting, it’s more difficult to match & dye threads than it is to match paint. 


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