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See How Far Resilient Floors Have Come

Get ready to be floored by… Vinyl Flooring! Vinyl is already very popular among homeowners and building owners. Many of us already have it in our homes. For many years it has been a “go to” for flooring because it has a standing reputation for being practical and affordable. It’s not as hard on the feet as hardwood flooring. It’s durable and resistant to dirt and water. Install and maintenance are minimal… And as of more recently, the technology and creativity of design and deco have come a long way. In terms of style & texture, vinyl can now be made to look and feel like any other type of flooring, from hardwood to tile to even stone. They come in an assortment of styles, colors and texture to mirror natural woods and other hard floor surfaces.  Even exotic woods such as Tigerwood and Brazilian Teak can be replicated. The details are so intricate, that they add character like true wood with grooves and grains. You can get the high-style and high-performance with durable flexibility without having to spend thousands of dollars. There are so many variations and options to choose from.

You can see from the picture how far the design and texture has come. Take your space and transform it into something spectacular with Resilient Vinyl Flooring.

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Stylish Vinyl Flooring