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Meandrous sand dunes are always evolving with the shifting of the ocean breezes. You can see them through different seasons, tides and have a different experience every time.

Now you can get the same sense of variety with this new collection of hand knotted rugs. Our Hand Knotted rugs are always evolving like sand dunes. Each area rug in this new collection is woven knot by knot to create this luxurious texture and look.

First notice how every rug has this combination of two different weaving styles. On the background of the rugs our artisan weavers used a Sumack weave. This method creates a chain stitch flat texture. They compliment the Sumack texture by hand knotting fine wool and ultra-silk yarns for the foreground design and colors. This combination of different weavings and yarns form a texture and style that pleases all your senses and helps transform your room to a peaceful oasis.

While these rugs are meant to last through the test of time and use, they do give a different ever evolving look and style that adapts it self to any decor. Please look at these styles and come to our Long Island Rug showroom to see and feel these fabulous rugs and our other offerings.