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Our Team

Robert Hakimi
Owner and Operating Manager

Robert was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to the United States at the age of 12. The Peykar brothers, Robert’s uncles, had well established Peykar Rugs already at that time. During his senior year of High School in 1984, Robert started working at Peykar part time as a stock boy. Over the years, Robert has done everything at the store from deliveries to washing rugs. “You can probably make a rug from the wool in my lungs” says Robert. When the Peykar brothers moved to New York City, where they handled the importing and wholesale end of the business, Robert, his mother Maggie, and his father Mike took over the store. Now after 25 years of experience, Robert is the owner and operating manager of Designer Rugs & Carpet by Peykar. Robert carries the pride of his grandfather Noury Peykar forward. He runs Designer Rugs & Carpet by Peykar with the principals of integrity, honesty, love, creativity and passion. Among other duties, the one he enjoys most traveling to find new works of art for Peykar’s fine list of clients. Robert is well known in the industry as the go get it “rug guy”. If a client needs a look, color or size, Robert will find it. Robert is always accessible and eager to serve.

Connie D'Angelo

Connie is considered a gem to her customers and interior designers due to the high level of service she provides to all of her clients. She caters to top designers from Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and Florida and has become known in the industry for her ability to identify and locate any products they are looking for. This rare skill is something she has developed along her 21 years of working in the high end broadloom industry. Connie has the capability to accommodate both residential and commercial jobs from across the country, and handles each of her client’s projects from sale to installation. Her loyal following is a testament to her ability to build and nurture relationships with designers and customers.

Arto Sacan

Arto’s grandfather started a rug repair company in Istanbul, Turkey. When Arto was 12 years old he got his first exposure to rugs by watching and learning his grandfather’s work in action. From then on Arto started helping in the family business. In 1978, Arto moved to the United States, where he continued his career in the carpet and rug repair field. In 1983, Arto joined Central Carpet in New York City. There he continued to repair and eventually started in the customer service part of the field. In 2005, Arto joined Peykar. With his long career and expertise, Arto has brought a new dimension to the already rich Peykar heritage. Arto is so well versed in rug quality because of his repair expertise that he can actually weave a rug if needed. “Arto is one of the nicest, most sincere people I have worked with,” says Robert Hakimi. Arto is ready and eager to help clients find and choose the best rug for their space.

George Martinez

George began his career in the rug industry as a stock inventory worker at Hayim Rug Company in 1989. In 1997 he joined the team at Peykar. He started as an entry-level stock person. Since that time, with study and hard work, George has grown into a premier rug expert. By being exposed to all levels of design with rugs, George has acquired a high level of skill in helping find and choose the right rug for any kind of space. Designers and private clients rely on the sincere and consciences service that George provides. He looks forward to an ongoing wonderful career in this rewarding industry.

Maggie Peykar-Hakimi

Maggie moved to the United States from Iran in 1979 and after working at A & S department store for 5 years joined Peykar. It was an interesting time for her to join the business that her father and four brothers were enjoying success in. Eventually, Maggie, her husband Mike and her children Robert and Tina took over the store from her brothers. Since then, she and her family have continued to build on Peykar’s commitment to excellence. There’s more than business at stake for Maggie. She prides herself on the fine reputation that the name Peykar carries in the industry and community.