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We established to help our clients turn their used rugs back into money. With this Ebay rug store, we able to list as many rugs that you have and sell them. We are fairly successful because our site is dedicated only to rugs and therefore has been able to establish a loyal following. We also pride ourselves in a very good review record which also helps to turn listings into sold items.

The process is fairly simple. First, we ask that you email us pictures of the rug you wish to sell. One of our experts will assess the value we think it can sell for on Ebay based on our experience & research. Once we agree on a value, you either bring the rug in or we can pick it up for you. We prepare your rug for listing to ensure we sell at the maximum price. If cleaning or repair is needed, we contact you with cost details and help you decide what needs to be done. Once the rug is ready, we take multiple pictures and list it. Once the rug is sold, we send you a check as soon as we receive payment from the buyer.

The fee schedule for Ebay listings are as follows:

$50 - To list on Ebay (per rug).

$25 - Re-listing Fee (you have the option to re-list your rug if it doesn't sell within 60 days).

A seller's premium of 30% is charged based on the selling price of each rug.

We realize it's not easy to sell rugs privately so we hope this makes it a very easy way for you to dispose of your used rugs. Give us a call at 516-719-8500 or send pictures to .