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Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Come see the most fantastic selection of wall-to-wall carpet in one showroom in Syosset, Long Island.

Luxurious, warm & inviting are the feelings waiting for you under your feet with our fabulous wall-to-wall carpets. Designer Rugs & Carpet by Peykar brings you every top brand of wall-to-wall carpet available. Our collections cover all the trends from flat woven wool to cut pile silks.

Here's a list of the different type of carpet available:


A woven carpet that can be be monotone or multi colored. Wilton has an exquisite quality that last like a hand made Persian rug. They are often woven with the highest quality New Zealand wool. Wilton weave carpets are made in loop piled, cut piled and in combinations to achieve different textures.


Axminster is a long established weaving of cut pile carpet that mimics high end hand weaving. Axminster carpets are made in very intricate designs and are available in a large variety of colorways. There's also a full range of Axminster weave carpets available in our custom carpet department. Axminster is the highest most used quality of carpet for hospitality as well as heavy trafficked residential areas such as stairways. Most of our Axminster weaves are made of fine wool.


The majority of nylon and synthetic carpets are made on tufting machines. This process is faster and often more economical than traditional woven carpets. Tufted carpets are made in cut pile, loop pile, patterned loop, and cut, loop pile and shag. Tufted carpets are available in a great range of colors and designs, specially in unusual colors that are more difficult to find in wool or woven carpets.


Printed carpets are a versatile way of getting a durable commercial or residential carpet in large quantities at a great value. We have large availability of printed carpets both in stocked patterns and custom made design and colors.

Hand Loomed

Hand loomed carpets are the newest addition to our carpet lines. Our hand loomed carpets are part of our favorite design trends. They are made in wool, Ultra-Silk and even real silk. The different textures and pile heights like ribbed cut and loop or thick plush shag carpets are among some of the styles.


All of our carpet types are available in custom made to order designs, colors and sizes.

What ever type of carpet you are looking for is here at Designer Rugs and Carpet by Peykar.