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Contemporary Rugs

Rug designs that are truly in the now.

The Contemporary rug collection at Designer Rugs & Carpet by Peykar looks like it just arrived from a high end art gallery. There's very specific attention paid to today's design style and trend. Whether it's a new take on a Moroccan tile design, or patterns adapted by contemporary artists specifically for the floor, these contemporary rugs are sure to please any design aficionado.

We are especially proud of our Nepal rugs and Tibetan style contemporary rug designs. These types are completely made by hand and therefore, are very versatile. Contemporary rugs that are hand-made can adapt to any style because the weaver is able to use a wide color pallet and switch from one color to another with every knot to create the most intricate colorful patterns. The opposite of the intricate contemporary rug, is some of the most subtle and calm designs we have today. These types are made more with hues of color, rather than fully contrasting color and patterns. Whichever contemporary style of rug you require, we are sure to  have it available for you.

Have a look at the examples provided and remember to always stay in the now and check in with us often.