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Transitional Rugs

Look on the floor... Is it contemporary? Is it traditional? Is it modern? No, it's a transitional rug!

Transitional rugs have become the go to style here at Designer Rugs & Carpet by Peykar. This style of rug design is popular for its versatility. Many of our design clients are redoing classic design spaces with an updated look where a contemporary or modern rug might not visually look right with a transitional rug. 

There are different ways our rug designers make a rug transitional. They adapt a traditional design that normally would have many deep rich colors and redesign it with more contemporary, monotone colors. Erased looks are another big trend now in transitional rugs. In these the design is erased away to give the rug a more subtle vintage look. Scale of design makes a distinct difference in a transitional rug. We have taken traditional small scale damask designs and made the scaling extra-large to give it a much more transitional look. Texture is another significant way a rug can be transitional. Cut and loop piles with different wool and silk yarns used together in rugs give a dimensional aspect to create a beautiful effect. 

Please look through our pictures for examples of these and other transitional looks. Remember our inventory is constantly in transition so check in with us often for more transitional looks.