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Virtual Shopping With Robert

We hope you are all well through this challenging time. We are here to help in any way we can. Just give us a call. The calls get forwarded to Robert's cell. He can make an appointment and video call you from our closed showroom. You can then have a virtual shopping experience with him. Call us for this or any other reason. We are happy to speak with you.


Combine the benefit of seeing a rug in person to note its true color, size and feel, the convenience of shopping from your own living room and the experience of getting to see how a variety of different rug types and sizes look in your home and you the experience of an in home consultation with Designer Rugs & Carpet by Peykar.

There are no making mistakes about what will fit or go well with your furniture and fabrics because you’ll give each rug a test run on your own floor surrounded by all the furnishings and accessories the rug will accentuate. Our professionals will first assess your room size and furniture layout and then bring you a variety of rugs to suit your taste, style and budget so you can view each one in the rug’s future space. We offer a 7 Day full refund policy, where you can decide if the selected rug is right for your home.