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PaddingRug padding is an essential for any area rug, as it prevents slipping and sliding on hard surfaces and extends the life of your rug. This added surface provides a smooth, supportive base that not only helps protect your rug but your carpeting and hard floors as well. It adds an extra layer of comfort to your rug, making it softer to the step.

Designer Rugs & Carpet by Peykar carries felt based rug padding with rubber backing. This is specially designed for fine rugs and is perfect for any surface. The felt provides the ideal cushioning for the rug to help it last longer beneath your feet while the rubber backing grips the hard surface beneath it.

Padding-1Rug padding for hardwood floors is a necessity due to the slippery finish on the floor can cause injury. This is also the case with tile floors which can occasionally have sharp edges which can cut through rug fibers. The actual rug can be damaged over time from being pushed against a hard surface, damaging the foundation and the backing of the rug. By having padding you are allowing your investment to stay more valuable for a longer period of time.

Beyond our standard padding, we also offer a special padding for rugs that are placed on carpet. This product is ordered as needed.

Protect the integrity of your rug and the safety of your family and friends with high quality rug padding from Designer Rugs & Carpet by Peykar on Long Island.