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Designer Rugs & Carpet by Peykar does the ultimate cleaning for your fine rugs. Your rugs are thoroughly washed using old fashioned knowledge with the newest specially designed washing equipment. We provide Rug Cleaning for customers in New York and Long Island.

This process removes ground-in dirt, gently, without crushing the wool, and in most cases restores the original look and texture. The drying process is an integral part of the cleaning process. Rugs not properly dried that are allowed to remain wet for too long, can develop problems such as mildew and dry rot.

We also offer HAND-DRY CLEANING. This is a process in which we clean the rug with a dry cleaning method. All work is done by hand. This process is recommended for silk rugs, extremely fragile textiles, or rugs that have “fugitive” dyes which may tend to run in a wet cleaning method.

Moth Proofing:

Moth Damage is one of the most common causes of damaged rugs. In order to protect your investment from being destroyed, try our moth proofing service during cleaning. Not only do we clean your rug, but we help protect it from possible moth damage. It will keep your rugs from looking like this:

Rug-cleaning-severe-moth-damage -3


Pet Urine Removal:

We know it is very disappointing to find that your pet has stained your rug, but we offer a Pet Urine Removal Service that will correct your rug to its original state. This is a three part process that consists of a restoration cleaning to remove any yellowed discoloration, a color restoration service, and then a guaranteed odor removal process. When this is done your rug will to be within 80-100% of its original pre-stain condition.

Please contact us for more detail and other services we can provide for you and to set up an appointment for pick up of your rugs.